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LEED credits can be earned utilizing the restoration technology

  • reusing existing material
  • avoiding solid waste disposal
  • extremely low VOC’s
  • leveraging energy saving investment points can be earned

Acoustical Ceiling Restoration

An Attractive Alternative to Ceiling Replacement

It is not economically or ecologically correct to replace a tile ceiling just because it has become discolored.

A ceiling that has been restored with ProCoustic, will hold its color longer, absorb more sound, and disperse more light (in white), than if a new ceiling were installed. It is one of those unique times when new is not necessarily better.

Architects can earn continuing education credits by completng a one-hour online course in Acoustical Ceiling Restoration. Click here to register.

Ceiling restoration has been featured on American Architectural Review, click below to watch the episode.


Resurface existing vinyl faced sheetrock ceiling systems while maintaining washability and ceiling function.  Is also used to resurfaces vinyl wall covering to any color. Click here for a spec, MSDS and Tech Data.


Specialty coating for substrates that traditional paint scratches off of and it is VOC compliant. Click here for spec, tech data, and MSDS.

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