Fellert North America and its network of sales representatives are continually presenting and fielding questions regarding the Fellert Acoustical Plaster system.  One of the most frequent questions we receive from architects and designers is, “How can we change the color of our Fellert Acoustical Plaster ceiling or wall without losing any of its sound absorption capability?”

Our answer is ProCoat’s acoustical coating, ProCoustic.  We have tested ProCoustic in our labs and found it to perform as claimed. The flexibility it provides us is invaluable.  The option of matching any color in the Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore color palette gives the owner the opportunity to “refresh” the look of the room and still retain the sound control that is critical to making the space liveable and productive for work.

In addition, there are bold and deep colors that we cannot tint for new construction.  In those instances, we again turn to ProCoustic. ProCoustic helps us satisfy the designers vision on those “hard to create” colors.

In short, we have been thoroughly pleased with both the product and the service we have received from the fine folks at ProCoat!

Mark Clough, President
Fellert North America
Kansas City, MO

“We have found that ProCoat’s Contract Services compliments our centralized corporate maintenance program. They have also made it possible to change the color of our ceilings from black to white at a fraction of the cost of replacement with new tiles.”

Betty Politte, Director of Construction
Claire’s Stores, Inc.
Pembroke Pines, FL

“ProCoat’s ceiling restoration program for the retail industry has reaped benefits (more than 900,000 sq. ft.) on my projects over the past 12 years. We get positive feedback from general contractors regarding the quality of service. Store managers are always impressed when they open fresh and clean in the morning without the down-time and clean-up to contend with that is common with ceiling tile replacement.”

John Jones, Consultant
Construction Specialist to Retailers
St. Louis, MO

“I am just looking over our before and after pictures of our ceiling restoration recently completed by your company and I am amazed at the difference. The cost savings compared to replacing the old ones was enough to sell me to start and then the professionalism of your crew was great. Everything went as planned, on a busy weekend your crew came just before closing went through and masked everything as promised no overspray anywhere. The entire store done in just two nights making our ceiling look new after over twenty years of dirt, water stains and wear and tear.”

Mike Long
Long’s Pic Pac/Galaxy
Pineville, KY

“In my many years as a facilities maintenance/construction professional, I have found unique technologies to be of great interest to me. One of which I have become a believer in is ProCoat’s Acoustical Ceiling Restoration System. Compared with replacement, it is more cost-effective, is installed faster with less imposition, provides unlimited color options, and is by far the more environmentally friendly choice.”

Ray Murphy
National Director of Facilities
Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants
San Francisco, CA

“When I  ProCoat the ceilings at Albertsons, it brings a whole new feel to the store.  Customers can never figure out exactly what we did, but they always like it.” 

Dave Toesh
Project Manager
Albertsons Supermarkets
 __________________________________________________________________”Over more than a 25 year period, I have been actively involved in construction services for the retail industry … part of that time as a retailer seeking the services and later as a contractor providing them. During that time, I have identified a number of technologies and providers that are unique, efficient, and dependable. One of those is the restoration of acoustical ceilings, utilizing the technology developed by ProCoat and the installation program they manage on projects across the country. No matter where the project may be, large or small, or a complete program rollout, one call is all that is needed. I think it is great.”

Peter Ferri, President
Hunter Building Corporation
Houston, TX

“Long ago, we became a ProCoat believer on Applebee’s remodel projects where your system has been specified for years. We learned that using your product; it is possible to restore an old, yet structurally sound, acoustical ceilings without sacrificing appearance, acoustics or fire rating. Also, we have learned that this can be done virtually in any color. I want to thank you for your support through the years and assure you that we will continue to work together in the future.”

Craig Jones, President
J & M Contracting, Inc.
Olathe, KS

“The ProCoat system to clean and resurface acoustical ceilings works great and costs far less than replacement. I have used it in gyms, cafeterias, classrooms, and hallways. Their system restores the ceilings to a bright white, stain free finish and their applicators leave the space clean and ready for use. I will continue to use their service and products (including the maintenance items) in our facilities.”

Andy Valez
Executive Director of Operations
Newburg Schools
Newburg, NY

“For many years we have been providing a number of specialty services throughout the NJ, NY, CT, PA area, including the restoration of acoustical ceilings. We found that most owners and building managers were concerned with the potential loss of acoustical properties and tiles sticking to the grids when conventionally painted. By using ProCoat products we have been able to eliminate these problems because of the unique qualities of their materials. Also, adding to our customers satisfaction, is the fact that ProCoat is a green technology.”

David Zack
Zack Painting Company, Inc.
Fords, NJ
Est. 1923

“It is now more than five years since we made the decision to restore our old acoustical ceiling rather than undertake the expense of removing the old tiles and replacing with new materials. With your help we were able to identify a local contractor to apply your coating to the old ceiling. Now, over five years later, I am pleased to report that we have retained all of our acoustical values and the ceiling still maintains an excellent appearance.”

Bill Ralston, Owner
Florida Lanes, AMF
Tampa, FL

“As a professional design-build commercial contractor, we have an obligation to our clients to propose a project that features aesthetic design, state-of-the-art products, and efficient installation. On commercial renovation projects, one of the approaches we have come to rely on is the concept of restoring acoustical ceilings as opposed to replacing them with new materials. It is the environmentally friendly way to go, it saves both time and money, and it makes unlimited color choices a reality. ProCoat offers the technology that remains a standard in the industry and a vehicle for insuring that the installation will be performed in a flawless fashion. A general contractor is as good as the people they work with and when it comes to ceiling restoration, ProCoat is the one to turn to.”

Robert Sanford, President
Cornerstone Design-Build Services, Inc.
Swansea, MA

“From 1996 to the present, we have been restoring acoustical ceilings and are proud to be recognized as a ‘Certified Applicator of ProCoat.’ We fully appreciate the assistance we received throughout the years in both technical training, as well as direction in sales and marketing development. In addition, your products are of the highest quality and have never let us down. Thanks, we appreciate it all.”

Pat Henderson, President
Ceiling Doctor
Binghamton, NY

“There is little doubt in my mind that ProCoat is saving Teachers College considerable time and budget as compared with replacing acoustical tiles. Yet, the results are the same…new fire rated acoustical ceilings. You can be certain that we will continue to take advantage of the benefits ProCoustic offers us and we will recommend it to our colleagues at other institutions.”

Ed Monroe, Director of Facilities
Teachers College Columbia University
New York, NY

“Advanced Contracting, LLC is a commercial paint contracting firm that specializes in the application of specialty coating systems. Because ceiling restoration has been more commonly specified by architects in the past few years, we were introduced to the concept, utilizing the product technology developed by ProCoat. Since we completed their training program, we have offered this unique service to a growing clientele and because it is considered a Green process, we have enjoyed even greater acceptance in the marketplace. Ceiling restoration has come to represent a significant part of our revenues and we look forward to its continued growth in the future.”

Allan Olander, President
Advanced Contracting, LLC
Lewiston, ID