Ceiling Maintenance

Do Your Ceilings have these Problems?

2010 Bank Presentation


An acoustical ceiling system represents a significant capital investment; the lifetime of the ceiling can be increased dramatically by a simple preventative ceiling maintenance program … utilizing unique tools designed specifically to solve two primary problems.

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water stain 

Most Common Blemishes on New or Existing Ceilings …

  • Water stains and hand marks
  • Checkerboard effect from random tile replacement
atrw spraying 

Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol ProCoat’s Green Alternative

  • One-step touch up
  • Matches original white tile color
  • With the Spray Adapter and pole, application is done from the floor quickly and without clumsy ladders

Dirt & Dust around Air Diffusers, Vents, etc.

dirty vent 

Loose Soot and Dirt on and around Air Vents

  • Results in permanent staining of the ceiling material.
  • Typically loose carbon-based soot is difficult to remove.
  • Vacuuming is awkward
  • Liquid cleaners and brushing usually results in smearing of the carbon.
soft sweep broom 

ProCoat’s Soft Sweep Broom

  • Head is composed of exploded nylon bristles. When rubbed, a static charge acts like a magnet, attracting the carbon-based particles.
  • Brushing lightly across the surface, the soot particles are attracted to the broom head and remain there rather than falling to the floor


Purchase Maintenance Items Separately Or
Every facility maintenance manager should have a kit that includes:

Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol
(3,6, or12 cans)soft sweep broom
Soft Sweep Broom and Extension Pole
Works with the same extension pole
ARTW adapter and pole
Spray Adapter on 10ft extension pole