Operating In Difficult Times

Small businesses throughout the country have not been challenged like they currently are since the Great Depression. A company can have a great reputation for excellence and dependable service, but still struggle due to their client’s hesitation to expend funds in an uncertain economy.

We try, as best we can, to support ceiling restoration companies by referring projects to them. But what can you do when you dial their number and a recording says, “The number you have dialed is no longer in service.” As an example, “CeilSpray – Ceiling Refinishing” in Manchester, New Hampshire started their business in the early 1980’s and survived the economic rollercoaster through these many years. We can only hope they will reestablish their business when the economy returns to some form of normalcy.

In the meantime, small businesses must do whatever they can to generate cash-flow.

  • Contact established customers. Ask them how they are doing and not to forget to call when they have need for your services. Let them know you are alive and still there when they need you.
  • Look for products or services you can market in the meantime to create some profitable business, even if it is not something you can see doing, long-term.

No one wishes to experience the fate of a CeilSpray but there is so much we cannot control.

What we do know is that once we have returned to “normal,” ceiling restoration will once again be lucrative and successful. It offers a cost-effective alternative to new ceiling replacement, it is faster which causes less interruption to normal business routine, and it is environmentally beneficial.

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