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ProCoat Products, Inc. has been a pioneering provider of sustainable acoustical ceiling and high-impact interior surfaces products for over 40 years. Businesses across the nation since the 80’s have depended on ProCoat’s professional products and services, while keeping over one half billion sq. ft. of ceiling tiles out of landfills.

More and more architects and multi-facility corporations specify ProCoat’s products as part of their on-going remodeling programs, particularly in the retail industry where store remodeling has to be completed without closing to the public. With the ever-evolving focus on environmental impact and sustainability, it has become apparent that acoustical ceiling restoration was a tailor-made participant for contractors, dealers and distributors to have access to sustainable solutions. In 2021, ProCoat was acquired by Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services, the nation’s leading flooring installation and project management company. With the continual growth ProCoat has experienced in recent years, ProCoat found the right partner with the right infrastructure and company culture to continue to help expand our nationwide reach.


ProCoat Products give new life to acoustical ceilings and hard surface interiors that allow for a budget friendly solution at a fraction of the time of replacing existing structures.


ProCoat's turn-key services provide nationwide project management and installation of ProCoat sustainable products with professionally trained teams that make restoration easy.


Learn more about how ProCoat is committed to sustainability practices and product development. Their high-quality coatings prevent the adding of existing finishes to landfills by preserving existing structures.

It is our company mission to be a key contributor to the creation  and growth of businesses by providing  sustainable and cost-effective proprietary solutions to resurface interiors with the highest-quality coatings. We support our employees so they can provide exceptional service to our customers through a highly refined installation program and integrity minded business practices.

KenWolf Shot Bio

Ken Woolf // Founder

Acoustical Ceiling Pioneer

Trained as an engineer, Ken Woolf took his knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to develop a company  that would revolutionize how the industry looks at renovating acoustical ceilings. His unique formula was designed to create a sustainable answer to a frequent issue that companies face who are in need of a complete overhaul of their acoustical ceiling and high-impact surfaces. Ken’s tradition of creating cost effective solutions continue making ProCoat the industry leader in interior restoration.   Read more >



Our passion for providing the best and most sustainable solutions for acoustical ceiling and high-impact interior surfaces has been the cornerstone of who we are as a business from the beginning. Ken Woolf led the charge of creating an alternative way of looking at interior renovation by creating products that were able to use existing structures and still have a like-new finish at a fraction of the cost.

Early 80's

Ken Woolf, with degrees in Engineering and Administration and years of practical experience, became an independent consultant in organization planning & management development for a company that cleaned acoustical ceiling tiles.

the seed is planted.


It was obvious that an untapped market existed for an alternative to ceiling tile replacement. The answer was determined to be, and still remains, an acoustical coating. In 1984, the unique chemical formulation was developed and an industry was born.

the first acoustical coatings developed.

Late 80's

Lacking adequate resources to fund a new business, Ken borrowed money for product development with his home  garage serving as a warehouse. In the late 1980’s an addition was built onto the side of the garage to provide more storage space.

Ken’s garage BECoMES his warehouse.

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