Product Specific FAQs

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A: This type of situation represents the greatest market for ceiling restoration. Under these conditions, work is typically done in off-hours. The limited available time often makes tile replacement impractical but ideal for restoration.

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A: ProCoat maintains and constantly expands a network of qualified applicators that can be contacted on any specific project. See ProCoat’s Turn-Key Services program on the web site.

A: Yes, providing standard “good paint practice” is followed, there should be no problem. The old adage that a paint job is only as good as the surface preparation still holds. Non-porous surfaces covered with grease, nicotine or other contaminants could prevent proper bonding and should always be cleaned first. ProCoat’s Hard Surface Cleaner is low-cost; fast acting product specifically designed for this purpose. Also, aluminum (sp) and galvanized metal should be primed first in order to achieve proper adhesion.

A: No, the whole ceiling does not have to be treated. ProCoat provides an Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol. This product provides a quick one-step solution to water stains. The same product is available in an ultra-white for touching up ceilings previously coated with ProCoustic.

A: ProCoustic was designed to be applied via airless sprayer or HVLP spray equipment as a primary means of application. The “ProCoat Application Guide” should be reviewed for instructions prior to beginning any work.

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Installation Specific FAQs

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A: ProCoustic is a non-bridging product, it will not stick the tiles to the supporting grid. Whereas conventional painting can result in the tile being stuck to the supporting t-bars, making it difficult to gain access above the ceiling for maintenance purposes.

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A: There are four significant additional savings that are generally recognized.

  1. Installation time, particularly in occupied spaces, is one-third of that required for new tile replacement.
  2. Ceiling tile restoration reduces solid waste disposal.
  3. A restored tile restored with ProCoustic has a surface finish that will hold its color longer than a new tile. This increases the life expectancy of the ceiling.
  4. Ability to be recycled
  5. Ruins the fire rating

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A: It is done all the time. The standard white coating can be tinted to match a pastel color by any paint store. Any other color is available on a special order basis.

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A: ProCoat distributes an Acoustical Tile Restorer, packaged in aerosol, which matches ProCoustic in color, and can be used to mask water and soot stains. Unlike most primers on the market, this product covers the stain in one application and does not leave a shiny spot on the ceiling.

A: No, the application of a primer will negate the restoration process. Primers will close the pores of the tile and leave the tile stuck to the t-bar system. Instead, ProCoat’s Acoustical Tile and Ceiling Cleaner should be used to chemically neutralize the nicotine. This will not have a physical effect on the tile and eliminates the bleed through problem prior to the application of ProCoustic.

A: No. ProCoustic can be applied to surfaces other than acoustic tile i.e., popcorn, drywall, plaster, etc.

A: There are many advantages and benefits. ProCoustic has better hide capability and as a result, yields much better coverage than the less expensive latex paints. Further, ProCoustic is a spray in -place application, typically competing projects in a 1/3 of the time compared to replacing tiles.  Less time means less disruption for a contractor’s clients.

Ceiling restoration can be 50% less expensive than replacing ceiling tiles and painting the grid.

The contractor that is aware of the advantages of ceiling restoration generally impresses the prospective customer more than others who have not addressed this issue., which will come across as “knowing his business” and having far more credibility.

Benefit Specific FAQs

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A: While labor and overhead cost vary geographically, the rule of thumb is that ceiling restoration is at least one-half the dollar cost of replacement. And since it is accomplished in one-third of the time required for the removal/replacement process, there are considerable savings in indirect costs as well.

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A: Absolutely. It is common for maintenance personnel at health-care and academic institutions to restore ceilings, following the Application Guide produced by ProCoat.

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A: Yes, there is. Since there is no way of knowing what the ceiling material will be subjected to, in the way of contamination, it is difficult to assign a guaranteed life expectancy. Therefore, the warranty is stated in the following manner: The new surface finish will last as long or longer than a new tile would, subjected to the same environmental conditions.

A: A call to ProCoat’s corporate office at (781) 767-2270 is all that is necessary to speak with a contractor support agent. It is their job to assist contractors in all facets of the business, whether it is application techniques or marketing tips.

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A: By corporate policy, ProCoat prefers to sell through authorized dealers who, in turn, service the end-users at the local level. It is because of the strict adherence to this policy that ProCoat has forged a strong and trusting relationship with national product distributors. However, in those instances where the contractor does not have the support of a local distributor, they may order directly. Orders can be called in to (781) 767-2270 and paid for by credit card.



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