Sustainable Solutions


ProCoat Product Inc. provides sustainable solutions that allow clients to easily and cost-effectively, repurpose their existing acoustical ceilings, fixtures, and other substrates by resurfacing them with high-quality coatings. Our products range from cleaning products to ceiling and wall sustainable coatings, along with the tools to get the job done easily and quickly, offering professional restoration solutions from start to finish.

Acoustical Ceiling restoration Products

Our industry leading ProCoustic® Coating, along with our ceiling tile and hard surface cleaners provide a complete ceiling restoration solution.

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ProCoustic Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Coating

ProCoustic is a non-toxic specialty coating designed to restore structurally sound ceiling surfaces. At the same time, grids (t-bars), air diffusers, and speaker plates can be coated, giving the entire ceiling a completely new appearance. 

Procoat sustainable products TileCleaner


Acoustical tile cleaning kit with both Concentrate and Activator solutions

This two-part product enables the applicator to neutralize heavy nicotine, prior to applying a water based coating such as ProCoustic, without damaging the acoustical integrity of the ceiling tiles.

Procoat sustainable products HardSurfaceCleaner

ProCoat Hard Surface Cleaner™

Professional's go-to acoustical tile grid cleaning solution

Use our professional cleaning kit when it’s necessary to pre-clean the surface, ensuring that the coating will bond properly and to guard against bleed-through discoloration. This product also works as an inexpensive, fast acting solution that can also serve as a degreaser.


Our sustainable interior high-impact surface products include ProBond™, ProWall™ and ProVinyl™ covering any area needing restoration using existing structures.

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Procoat sustainable products ProBond 1022


For Surfaces Requiring High Adhesion & Durability

Use ProBond for surfaces that do not perform well when painted and peeling and/or scratching of the coating material is common, leaving you with a clean, like new, desired look.


100% Acrylic Enamel Refurbishing Coating for Paintable Interior Ceiling Tiles and Surfaces

Designed to restore aged, discolored vinyl faced sheetrock kitchen ceiling tiles, this 100% acrylic coating dries quickly, contains ceramic microspheres for a more durable, washable surface. ProVinyl also contains Microban which inhibits the growth of mildew on the film surface.

Procoat sustainable products ProWall


100% Acrylic Enamel Refurbishing Coating for Paintable Interior Walls

Designed to restore aged, discolored vinyl faced kitchen walls, this 100% acrylic coating dries quickly, contains ceramic microspheres for a more durable, washable surface. ProWall also contains Microban which inhibits the growth of mildew on the film surface.

procoat maintenance products

Our ProCoat™ Maintenance program touch-up and applicators include the Acoustical Tile Restorer (ATR),  Easy Reach Spray Adapter™ and the Soft Sweep Broom.

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Procoat sustainable products TileRestorer2

Procoat acoustical tile restorer in aerosol

Aerosol Restorer for Maintenance comes in White, Ultra White and Off-white

This unique one-step product presents the ideal, cost-effective solution to water stains, finger prints, and dirt smudges that typically lead to costly tile replacement. Makes preventative maintenance of acoustical ceilings possible. Available in three primary colors; white, ultra-white, and off-white.

Procoat sustainable products EasyReachSprayAdapter

Easy Reach Spray Adaptor

The safe alternative Applicator For ceiling tile maintenance

No more climbing ladders with an aerosol can to touch up water stains. With the aid of an extensions pole, this safe alternative allows this maintenance work to be done from the floor. Works with any aerosol product.

Procoat sustainable products SoftSweep

Soft Sweep Broom & Pole

8' Extension Pole and Broom for Ceiling Maintenance

The safe and easy way to remove soot and dirt build-up around vents and ceiling mounted fixtures without smudging dirt like traditional brooms. 

Find Your ProCoat™ Installation Accessories


Our of our experience of over 40 years of installing ProCoat products, we have come to realize that there are tools that get the job done more efficiently. Each of these accessories help to streamline the project to save time and budget for your customers.

Procoat sustainable products PolyStick

ProCoat PolyStick

Use PolyStick in aerosol to ensure tight/fast closure and to minimize clean-up expense when sealing seams of overlapping sheets of plastic when prepping to spray. Sprays in a flat fan for precise control.

Procoat products Accessories Polycover

ProCoat Polycover

PolyCover is inexpensive, lightweight, and tear resistant. Unrolled, it is 400′ in length, 20′ wide and available in 0.75 mm or 1 mm in thickness. Allows for an efficient covering of walls, floors, and furnishings.

Procoat sustainable products MaskingRemover

Easy Reach Masking Remover

Mounted on a common extension pole, it is designed to remove masking materials from ceiling-mounted fixtures (lights, sprinkler heads, security cameras) in a more efficient and safer way.