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ProCoat Products provide sustainable solutions for transportation facilities and hubs that take existing acoustical tile ceilings and interior surfaces with a like-new look, meeting LEED requirements, and extending the life cycle of the surfaces saving time and budget.

Our relationships with transportation facilities frequently specify ProCoat’s products as part of their on-going remodeling programs and maintenance programs, particularly where there is a need to keep the building hours open to the public or for on-going business, where ProCoat products can be installed avoiding peak travel hours limiting business disruption.

ProCoat Transportation Solutions

ProCoustic provides the perfect solution for updating and restoring current office acoustical tiles creating a bright like-new interior space.

  • Update or Change Color
  • Increasing light reflectance
  • Improving acoustics
  • Upgrading the decor
  • Half the price of new tile

ProBond coats new or previously painted hard-impact interior surfaces binding into the surface resisting scratching, scraping or peeling.

  • Update or Change Color
  • Like-new appearance
  • Sticks to most surfaces
  • Water-based product avoids wrinkling
  • Washable & VOC compliant in all states

Transportation Restoration Before/After

Office space Restoration
ProCoustic Transportation1 BeforeProCoustic Transportation1 After Station
restroom Restoration
ProBond RestRoom2 BeforeProBond RestRoom2 After

Our Nationwide Transportation Partners

2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation TorontoPearsonAirport
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation HeathrowAirport
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation NewarkLibertyAirport
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation BWIAirport
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation BritishAerospace
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation Amtrak
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation JetBlueAirlines
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation JFKAirport
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation International
2022 ProCoat Industries Transportation LondonGatwichAirport


ProCoat Products give new life to acoustical ceilings and hard surface interiors that allow for a budget friendly solution at a fraction of the time of replacing existing structures.


ProCoat's turn-key services provide nationwide project management and installation of ProCoat sustainable products with professionally trained teams that make restoration easy.


Learn more about ProCoat Products' is committed to sustainability practices and product development of high-quality coatings, preventing needless landfill growth by preserving existing structures.

Procoat Product Icon Benefits


ProCoat restoration solutions contribute to sustainability by reducing the need for solid waste disposal, by manufacturing compliant VOC coatings, and by contribution to LEED credits, and much more. Each product is specifically designed to play a role in creating a better environment.

Need a reliable partner on your next Nationwide renovation or remodeling project.