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ProCoat Products, Inc. is a firm believer that “new” is not always “better”. Especially when it comes to acoustical tile and interior surfaces that are in need of updating or remodeling because of their limited lifespan or discoloration challenges.

Utilizing ProCoat’s sustainable coating products, you can have a bright and like new interior, while reducing your costs, decreasing installation times, and most importantly, eliminating unnecessary landfill waste. 

ProCoat's sustainable practices are keeping ceiling tiles out of landfills!

Over One Half Billion Sq. Ft. of Tiles Out of Landfill
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True Leadership in Environmental Stewardship Requires Ambitious Practices

With our sustainable remodeling solutions we help our customers optimize their processes, by being committed to responsible manufacturing of premium coatings and continually searching for ways to reduce the environmental impact in the application and installation process. Ways that we accomplish this are:

How Acoustical Ceiling Restoration Contributes to Earning LEED Points

The Sustainable Solution for Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

This VOC compliant acoustical ceiling tile coating offers a protective finish superior to the manufacturers new tile. With ProCoustic coating builders can increase acoustical properties, earn LEED points and minimize landfill waste, all while transforming interior spaces into a cleaner and brighter experience for their customers. 

A Washable coating for
non-Acoustical Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl faced sheet rock tile can be restored/resurfaced to a pristine look with ProVinyl satisfying the health department and prevents dumping this expensive tile in landfills.  This quality sustainable product can also be used on existing vinyl wall coverings creating a clean and new look for your interior spaces.

An answer to refreshing interior surfaces

ProBond resists abrasions that commonly result from hard use, more so than most alkyd enamels. It can be sprayed or rolled successfully by painting contractors who follow product application procedures as recommended by the manufacturer. Available in any color and able to be applied to almost any hard surface!

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