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The Company that Pioneered Acoustical Ceiling Restoration in 1983

Inside Edge Commercial Interior Services Acquires Procoat Products, INC.

Acoustical Ceiling Restoration
with ProCoustic
Ceiling Resurfacing using ProVinyl
Acoustical Ceiling
Preventative Maintenance
Specialty Coating

Restore a Complete Ceiling
From Old to New
Acoustical Ceiling Preventative Maintenance

Water Stains?
Before ProBond

Before ProBond
Before and After ProCoat

It’s Easy to See the ProCoat Difference
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The ABSOLUTE best answer for what to do with old/aged ceiling tile during a remodel or renovation.

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What is Ceiling Restoration.

292.3 Million Square Feet of Ceilings Restored with ProCoustic to Date.

Soot Around Air Diffusers?

Get rid of them quickly and easily – without having to replace the tile!!

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After ProBond

After ProBond

Resurfacing Traditionally
Unpaintable Surfaces

Works on:
FRP, Laminates, Metal, Wood Cabinetry,
Cash Wraps, Slatwall, StoreFronts,
Bathroom Partitions, and more.

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Before and After

The Sustainable and Cost-Effective Way
To Restore Acoustical Ceiling Tiles
For a Better Than New
Function and Appearance