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Case Study: Nationwide rollouts made easy and sustainable

In response to a pressing need for nationwide rebranding, a major retailer faced a unique challenge.

They sought to reimagine the fixtures within their beauty department while avoiding the disposal of perfectly usable items. This endeavor demanded a comprehensive solution that not only transformed the appearance of these fixtures but also preserved their functionality.

The retail giant turned to ProCoat to help address the challenge, and together, embarked upon a monumental project spanning 600 stores, aiming to redefine the aesthetic identity of these retail spaces.

Seventy-five crews were trained and coordinated to start seventy-five different stores on the same day every month for eight consecutive months. This of course would not have been possible without ProCoat’s meticulous project management approach.

Custom fixture plans were created for each store, detailing surfaces to receive ProBond, a high-performance coating best suited for high-impact surfaces where paint easily scrapes, scratches, or peels off of. ProCoat’s team of experienced project managers established communication with the general contractors and crews before kickoff, and maintained daily contact until each project was completed.

ProCoat overcame several obstacles to getting all 600 stores completed in the given timeframe:

Multiple Surface Types
Many different surfaces required the same coating system, posing challenges in ensuring uniformity and quality across various materials.

Curing Time
While the ProBond system dries to the touch quickly, it requires a 4-6 day cure time. The team worked closely with the GCs to ensure protection of the fixtures while other remodel work was coordinated around it.

Synchronized Rollout
Coordinating 75 stores to begin on the same day every month for eight consecutive months across different cities, states, and time zones required meticulous planning and open communication with the customer and general contractors.

Open Store Remodeling
The work was carried out during store hours, necessitating careful coordination to minimize any impact on store sales and the overall guest experience.

Through effective communication and innovative problem-solving, the ProCoat team was able to overcome these obstacles. Their dedication and expertise not only met but exceeded the expectations of the retailer, leaving them thrilled with the results.

By reusing and rebranding existing fixtures, ProCoat was able to provide a sustainable solution that also saved the customer time and money. We are always thankful for the opportunity to work with our customers to create innovative and creative solutions to our customers’ unique problems!


JC Penney


600 Stores w/ Nationwide Rollout


2,500 SQ. FT. Average


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