Why Replace and Repay when You can Resurface?

Before ProCoat

After ProCoat

With ProBond, old becomes new and in most any color.  When compared to replacement with new materials, it is:

  • Faster
  • Less expensive
  • Longer lasting
  • A provider of designer flexibility

Use it on:

Cash Wraps/ Cash Stands
Wood Cabinetry
Fixtures (any type)
Bathroom Partitions
Walls in food prep areas
Wall board
Cement block
Store Fronts (interior only)
and more

Before ProBond

After ProBond

ProBond resists abrasions that commonly result from hard use, more so than most alkyd enamels. It can be sprayed or rolled successfully by painting contractors who follow product application procedures as recommended by the manufacturer.

  • ProBond is designed for use on new or previously painted interior FRP, it actually binds into the surface and will not scratch off.
  • It generally sticks to most surfaces that paint traditionally will scratch off of.
  • All materials must be in sound condition and any deep scratches or gouges filled in.
  • A water-based product, ProBond can be applied over conventional coatings without the lifting or wrinkling common with solvent based products.

The environmental benefits associated with utilizing ProBond are twofold

  • It is also VOC compliant in all states.
  • due to the fact that such a treatment results in recycling materials and diverting materials from landfills.

Click here for technical data & MSDS

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