ProCoat provides a number of solutions for Restaurants and Hotels in the:

  • dining rooms
  • lobbies
  • conference/ballrooms
  • kitchens
  • almost anywhere

Numerous chains and franchisees across the country use our solutions. Contact us for references and more information.

Dining Rooms

Resurface existing lay in tile ceilings with ProCoustic and our turnkey service for cleaning and coating the tile.

hospitality 01

Change the color or keep it the same knowing that our coating will hold its color longer than a new tile while making the tile better than new. See Ceiling Restoration (ProCoustic is a class A fire retardant)

hospitality 02

Lobbies, Conference rooms, & Ballrooms

These are definitely areas you want to keep fresh looking and long lasting. Resurface ceilings in these areas to increase light reflectance, improve acoustics, and upgrade the décor with our ceiling restoration system and our turnkey service. This could make your existing tile last up to 20 years longer (depending on conditions & with proper maintenance) for half the price of new tile.

hospitality 03



A ceiling restoration system ( a complete chemical cleaning and coating process) to resurface expensive vinyl faced tile ceiling systems. We recommend using our turnkey service as this is a process we developed that keeps the tile from sticking to the grid. (click here for more info on ProVinyl)

hospitality 04


kitchen before


kitchen after

front line - before

front line - before

front line - after

front line - after


Used to resurface FRP (walls & ceilings), vinyl wall panels, metal door/trim, shelving, restroom dividers and walls (not ceramic tile). It sticks to most substrates paint scratches off of, dries acrylic hard, and is completely washable. (click here for more information on ProBond) This coating can be applied by any good painter unless being applied to ceilings, which we recommend our turnkey service because it requires our process of cleaning and coating to keep the tile from sticking to the grid.
FRP ceiling before and after (cooler doors were also coated)

hospitality 05