ProCoat Product Line


Each of the products presented here are intended to be used in one of two ways:

1.  In the restoration of an entire acoustical ceiling system.
2.  As part of an acoustical ceiling preventative maintenance program.

procoat products > ProCoustic Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Coating
> ProCoat Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Cleaner
> ProCoat Hard Surface Cleaner (Grid Cleaning Solution)
> ProCoat PolyCover
> ProCoat PolyStick
> Easy Reach Masking Remover
> ProCoat Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol
> Easy Reach Spray Adapter
> Soft Sweep Broom/Pole
> ProBond

Before utilizing any of the following products, it is recommended that the “ProCoat Application Guide” be reviewed for specific directions. Contact your local dealer or call (781) 767-2270


In white, ProCoustic can be tinted to pastel colors. For deeper toned colors, use our mid deep or neutral base.
ProCoustic Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Coating ProCoustic is a specialty coating designed to restore structurally sound ceiling surfaces. At the same time, grids (t-bars), air diffusers, and speaker plates can be coated, giving the entire ceiling a completely new appearance. This product is water-based and available in both five-gallon and one-gallon pails.

ProCoustic is a non-toxic coating, NOT a chemical cleaner, paint or a dye. ProCoustic is the environmentally preferred option.
  • Provides better than new tile appearance.
  • Improves light reflectance.
  • Increases acoustical values.
  • Class A fire-rated material.
  • Tiles will not warp or stick to the grid system.
  • Non-Toxic.
  • Environmentally preferable
cleaner ProCoat Acoustical Tile & Ceiling Cleaner This two-part product enables the applicator to neutralize heavy nicotine, prior to applying a water based coating such as ProCoustic, without damaging the acoustical integrity of the ceiling tiles. Packaged seperately, the concentrate and activator are mixed with one gallon of warm water, and lightly sprayed on the ceiling surface before the coating is applied.
  • Packages in small bottles in concentrate.
  • Requires less shipping costs and storage.
Procoat hard surface cleaner ProCoat Hard Surface Cleaner (Grid Cleaning Solution) On non-porous materials (i.e., t-bars, air diffusers, etc.) it may be necessary to pre-clean the surface to ensure that the coating will bond properly and to guard against bleed-through discoloration. In such cases, this product is an inexpensive, fast acting solution that can also serve as a degreaser.
  • Packaged in concentrate.
  • Does not leave a film on the surface.
  • Reduces with water.
procoat poly ProCoat PolyCover Inexpensive and lightweight, ProCoat’s PolyCover is easy to hang on walls and drape on furnishings. Perfect for protecting against dust and spills. Is packaged in 400 foot rolls, 1-mil thick, unfolds to a 20 foot width.
  • Unfolds easily without clinging.
  • 1-Mil thick in 400 foot roles.
  • Unfolds to a 20 foot width.
  • Makes cover-up much easier.
ProCoat PolyStick Heavy Duty Adhesive ProCoat PolyStick Taping the seams of overlapping sheets of plastic in order to contain dirt/dust, is both time-consuming and costly. Instead, use ProCoat’s PolyStick in aerosol to ensure tight/fast closure and to minimize clean-up expense. Sprays from the tip in a flat fan for more precise control.
  • Sprays from the tip in a flat fan for more precise control.
  • Ensures tight/fast closure.
easy reach grabber Easy Reach Masking Remover Designed to easily remove masking materials from ceiling mounted fixtures such as lights, sprinkler heads, security cameras and other areas that were masked prior to applying the acoustical coating.
  • Saves time and money
  • Safer than using ladders
  • Works well with durable extension poles
  • Light weight
  • Rubber pincer tips hold tight


ATRW ATRU ATRO ProCoat Acoustical Tile Restorer in Aerosol This unique one-step product presents the ideal, cost-effective solution to water stains, finger prints, and dirt smudges that typically lead to costly tile replacement. Makes preventative maintenance of acoustical ceilings possible. Available in three primary colors; white, ultra-white, and off-white.
  • Primer and top coat in one application.
  • Dries to a flat finish.
  • Maintains acoustical and fire retardant characteristics.
  • Saves old tiles from land-fills.
easyreach spray adapter Easy Reach Spray Adaptor No more climbing ladders with an aerosol can to touch up water stains. With the aid of an extensions pole, this tool allows this maintenance work to be done from the floor. Works with any aerosol product.
For environmental advantages click on Go Green.
  • Saves time and labor
  • Limits ladder-accidents
  • Avoids direct contact with fumes
  • Adjusts to most angles.
  • Sturdy construction
soft sweep broom pole Soft Sweep Broom/Pole Remove soot and dirt build-up around vents and ceiling mounted fixtures easily. Does not smudge dirt as would traditional brooms. Soft sweep extension pole extends to 8 feet.
  • Available in any number.
  • Magnetic charge holds soot to the head.
  • Cleans easily with water.


probond part ab ProBond There are surfaces that do not perform well when painted. Peeling and/or scratching of the coating material is common. In such cases, ProBond is the answer.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Superior peformance
  • Full range of colors available


ProVinyl ProVinyl 100% Acrylic Enamel Coating
ProCoat is out with this new product designed to restore aged, discolored vinyl faced sheetrock kitchen ceiling tiles. This 100% acrylic coating dries quickly, contains ceramic microspheres for a more durable, washable surface. ProVinyl also contains Microban which inhibits the growth of mildew on the film surface. It can be tinted to any color and is a proven product.
Comes packaged 4 gallons to a case.


easy reach masking remover ProCoat Easy Reach Masking Remover
This easy to use tool helps keep your productivity up and you crew on the ground. Used to remove masking materials such as covered light fixtures, sprinklers and other ceiling mounted masked fixtures. Helps speed up the job after spraying.